April 10, 2023

Why You Should Print Your Wedding Photos

Bride laughing with your bridesmaids as she gets in your wedding dress

Why to print your photos

You spend months and months planning, you find the perfect venue, and dress, you hire your photographer. You have the best day of your life and your wedding photos tell the story of your special day perfectly. After your wedding day, you’ll receive your wedding gallery to relive those moments.

While having your digital gallery is great, we recommend printing some of your favorites so they don’t get lost in the ‘cloud’. Printing your wedding photos allows you to have physical copies of those special moments that you can hold, display, and cherish for years to come. They can be passed down through generations and serve as a reminder of your love and commitment to each other.

Here are 7 reasons why you should print your wedding (and all your important milestone family photos!)


There is just something unique about having printed photos of significant milestones in your life. While your wedding day will always be unforgettable, having physical copies of your wedding photos ensures you are able to relive this day as often as you like. There is just something different looking at a physical printed photo rather than an image on a computer screen.

Bride crying on your grooms shoulder at their first look before their wedding ceremony

Your wedding album will be your first family heirloom

Another one of my favorite and I think most important reasons to print your wedding photos is because they are family heirlooms. Think about what looking back on your parents and grandparents old photos mean to you? We are the most photographed generation but did you know we are the generation with the least printed photos? what!!!

Printed photos are less likely to be lost or damaged compared to digital copies that can be accidentally deleted or corrupted. I read a quote awhile back that couldn’t have said it better! “in 50 years, the most photographed generation in history will have no photos. Print what you want to preserve.” – Missy Mwea.

Takes you back

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words! I think it can be worth so much more! A print photo can be so amazingly powerful that it can transport you back to relive the moments that may have been forgotten or overlooked in the hustle and bustle of the wedding day. feelings and emotions will come flooding back as you look through your printed wedding images.

Groom can't believe what his best man said in his best man speech but his bride loves it!

Sense of belonging

Printed photos make for beautiful wall art or can be displayed in frames around your home, serving as a daily reminder of your love. Printed photos can be easily shared with your growing family who may not have access to your digital copies.

Did you know for kids seeing parents and themselves on the walls of their homes helps them feel a sense of belonging and being loved? If for no other reason then this print your photos!!


You invest a lot in your wedding photography so you and your family could enjoy them. The feeling you get from looking at a photo on a computer vs. on a canvas on your wall or in an album in your hands is a completely different emotion. The power of seeing your wedding photos in actual print is amazing!

If floppy disks, dvds and VHS have taught us anything, it’s that technology is always improving and social media is forever changing! So posting your photos online or having them on a flash drive, doesn’t mean they will be there forever. I recommend having a few digital copies of your images saved in different locations for this reason. (Especially if not printed!)

Bride hugging her bridesmaid as they see her for the first time in her wedding dress

 Print your wedding photos for thank you gifts

Printed wedding photos do not have to just be for you! I also recommend getting a few prints for family members. I often find that parents love them, especially if you have a lovely photo of your whole family together. If you know this is something you’d like to do, be sure to let your photographer know so they can be sure to add certain groupings together in your family photos.

Another way to share those printed photos is to get them printed on your thank you cards. Choose your favorite photo of the two of you or personalize them by having photos with your guests.

Enjoy your photos unplugged

In our world today it is so hard to get off our computer and TV screens. Printing your photos encourages you to unplug from technology and appreciate the simplicity of holding a physical photo.

Groom priceless reaction to his bride walking down the aisle

We recommend high quality printing for wedding photos

When you’re ready to print your photos, we do recommend paying attention to print quality. If you’re taking the DIY route, be sure to choose high quality printing. Also confirm that they are not going to color correct those photos! You want to be sure that the prints come out as they were intended. It’s advisable to invest in an actual printing studio rather than something like Walmart or CVS to ensure they are expertly printed. It’s worth the extra investment, trust me!

My top recommendation would be to ask your photographer who will likely be able to suggest the best printing options. In most cases, your photographer will be able to create & print your albums for you. Your photographer has an eye for design and so will be able to choose the perfect placement and design the album to tell your story perfectly. They were also there for your whole day so know how to capture those special moments and include them in the album.

At Alicia Petitti Photography, I love being able to take your photos and curate a beautiful album to capture your day! I’ll always make sure your albums are ones that you’ll treasure for years to come. If you’re interested in getting your wedding photos printed, let’s chat!

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